Sunday, 26 December 2010

Taxi Drivers

There is always a convenience of not having to defrost car, no ice on the inside of the windows. Plus an annual chance to have a sherry or wine on Christmas Day at your parents house. At least this driver turned up at the correct address (which usually happens from houses, rather than pubs as they turn up at the wrong pub down the road).

Why do so many taxi drivers have a Tom-Tom, yet still expect you to give directions? "Shall I go left at the end of the road here?" "No go right please". Perhaps it's a way of beating their loneliness without saying obvious small talk. Do they really like the music they play on the radio, or do they just assume their passengers would? Why does the taxi always arrive at the destination, one song before the song you want to listen to?

I always find the faked over-jolliness of a driver ironic; as he cannot be celebrating Christmas day if he's driving all day. He cannot be so jolly about Christmas if he is out driving everybody else about and isn't at home. Perhaps they expect a bigger tip than 50p if they repeatedly wish you a "Merry Christmas" and "Enjoy the holiday". £9.50 for a couple of minutes down the road is plenty.

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