Thursday, 23 December 2010

A good time of year to start!

On the run up to Christmas and new-year, there is a lot of talk about the year ahead. "2011 will be the year for me!" "2011 will be a much better year!" It is only natural to reflect and ponder about what lies ahead; with a sense of anticipation and a sense of uncertainty; a sense of celebration and a sense of dread. The reality is that one second separates us from one year to the next: an end of one year, the start of the next.

Edited 30/01/2011
I have never really been a person for new years resolutions, because I can make a new start, or give myself a new goal at any point. Having said that, I am new to blogging and this is a new venture for 2011. Although strictly speaking, if you look at the date of this, the blog actually started at the end of 2010.

Looking at my blog statistics, this little post and my music one, are the most popular. It seems that people like to read about music, hear new music and find out about what other people like. Plus people seem to like to read about milestones, new years resolutions and new beginnings etc.

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