Monday, 28 February 2011


Orange Man Breaking Free From Ball & Chain. By Leo Blanchette.


  1. Nice to hear from someone else that likes snakes. Here is my thought on freedom: Freedom is making choices that cause inner peace and lasting happiness and an increase of love for all fellow man. Freedom is not making choices that cause guilt, remorse, regret, or other captivity of conscience. Freedom increases as we learn about God.

  2. Sometimes you feel in the minority for liking snakes. But you know what? That's a freedom, a freedom of choice/taste in itself isn't it. To be free to like and appreciate snakes when many others do not.

    I think blogging has an element of freedom in itself. You decide to do the blog, or in your case a few blogs, you are your own boss, with regards to what the blog(s) are to do with.

    I think there is a certain freedom and peace of mind, associated with the natural world, scenery and nature.

    You are right, you wouldn't be very free, if your only decisions resulted in you hurting yourself or others in some way, or cause regret.

    Take care.

  3. ps. Your "Home is where your story begins" is on a wall in my home.


  4. Cool. I guess there are a lot of posters, or artwork based around that slogan these days. I guess it makes a change from the 'Home sweet home' that you used to see everywhere.

  5. Nice in theory...but I don't think it happens much in real life...

  6. In reality so many examples that affect this and as you say we don't always live in that ideal world. I guess the quote describes an ideal world situation, or highlights circumstances that are the opposite.