Thursday, 30 December 2010

A couple of more days, then back to normality

Whatever normality means for you, it resumes mid January 2011. Some shops and businesses are open now and others are not. Some letters received, and others delayed. Problems with cars, medical problems; letters bearing bad news can all have to be put on hold for a couple more days. Please pity those who are in receipt of tons of phone calls next week, or those who are trying to make the calls, to finalise things. "Sorry, there is nobody available to take your call" gives somebody a break today, but not those who are trying to sort stuff out. Will all these answer-phone messages be heard, or are people swamped? Your everyday tasks somehow take a week to do, and still hang over you until the new-year.

Some people breathe a sigh of relief, once Christmas is over. Perhaps others will breathe a sigh of relief, a week or so into January, once things are back to normal.

A new start can be a new start in more ways than one. Not just the start of a new year, but the start of new tasks that have been delayed for the past week. The start of urgent tasks becoming even more urgent, urgent enquiries becoming ever so last minute and critical.

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