Friday, 24 December 2010

I-Tunes a guilty pleasure

I-Tunes has put a stop to randomly buying CDs just for one song. However it's a shame if you love one song by a band and cannot get into any of their other stuff. I-Tunes appeals to the spontaneous and compulsive in your nature.  There is the instant gratification and thrill of having new music in a moment, rather than going out in all weathers. A single click and you only spend 0.99p. It's only 0.99p so why not click "yes" when asked if you are sure about downloading it. It's a good job that's there as you wouldn't want to download something by mistake. A while later an e-mail receipt arrives. "How did it get to that much? I only did a couple of downloads!"

Sigh… All is justified when you re-listen to the new music and realise you have expanded your music knowledge. New music enhances your creativity by creating new playlists. “Chill-out music”, “dinner table music”, “music to give you a boost”… You could be spending more if you were out for the day, or out for the evening. At least every song is a song you know you like and only got for the right reasons, rather than being on a compilation CD. Yet these playlist CDs somehow never look professional even though you have paid for the content. Will this I-pod ever fill up? I bet that could happen one day, but it’s safe for now (as long as you don’t add podcasts).

Why not buy the CD album, as it's criminal to download actual albums (unless you need it urgently)

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