Thursday, 7 April 2011


You will be aware of a craze that has swept through department stores and gift shops during the past year or two. I find it interesting that the poster was not widely used during the war, but has captured many people's imagination several decades later. A little history keep calm

I think it is a shame that the original designer is unknown. These days the slogan is everywhere, on mugs, t-shirts and magnets, plus all over the Internet. No doubt you will have spotted many funny or rude variations of the theme. The more obvious one telling you to "Now panic and freak out".


As you can imagine, I was in my element, when I found this website. As somebody who likes parodies or retro things, I have to say, I lost myself in this site for a couple of hours recently. You are only limited by your imagination, your hobbies and interests.

Here are examples of two of mine: The first one is rather topical, in the world of blogging.

One hobby I have is knitting. At times it needs a surprising amount of concentration and patience. I have had one or two disasters, such as an exploding knitting needle, or running out of wool. I have to say, my Mum is always on hand to rescue me if I hit a snag. I thought it was fitting to get this printed on a canvas bag as a birthday present for my Mum and at the same time, get one printed for myself.

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