Friday, 4 February 2011


People have been blogging for over 10 years. Perhaps at some point, every other person has thought of doing a blog. Some will have continued, others given up on, perhapas because people are busy with everyday life.

I have read so many blog posts, where somebody has apologised for not posting for a while. It's a shame people feel guilty about that, after all it's not their job; it's supposed to be for themselves, or a hobby. That means that you do it in your own time, as often or as little as you feel like it. When you create your blog, you do not sign a contract, or stipulate in advance how often you will do a blog post!

Perhaps the frequency of blog posts depends on the nature of your blog, your topics and your inspiration. I personally don't see the point in blogging random blather, just to ensure you have posted recently.

On the right, you will have read my ideas for forthcoming blog posts. Over time this may change, but I will blog when I am inspired to. I am not going to blog about every minutiae of my life, or blog every time I go somewhere, or have a problem. Not only do I value my privacy, but I am blogging as escapism.

In that respect, I am inspired to post this because I agree with the "Blogging without obligation" cause. 

I take this opportunity in advance, not to apologise for occasions when I have not blogged for a while. I really don't think that blogging should turn into a burden, where you think "that's another thing I have to fit in today or later in the week". That would defeat the object, wouldn’t it?

If I spend too much time blogging, perhaps the novelty will wear off, and before I know it, I'll become busy with other things and not bother. That would be a shame if you start off with such enthusiasm and it fizzles out.

Certainly if something is a hobby, it shouldn't become a stress or a chore. You may have a vague target at the back of your mind, but perhaps that should be approximate. In case your circumstances change, or your inspiration changes, that approximate target should change.

I feel encouraged by my gradually growing following. People seem to like these romantic poems and some people have said they can relate to them. A while ago, somebody said that one of my earlier posts was thought provoking. That's the aim of the game, to write something thought-provoking, something inspiring or something that people may relate to, or find funny. That may be no mean feat in itself, without carving in stone, the frequency of a blogging obligation.

Perhaps some people’s anxiety about blogging frequency stems from the number of followers. Perhaps people will think that people will un-follow if they don’t blog for a bit, or that they will not attract new people. Let’s face it, we all know how it is and that there will be times, when we blog and times when we cannot. Granted I’m sure it does defeat the object if you blog and you think nobody is reading it though.

Another thing is that perhaps we are all spending increasing amounts of times online. There is the checking of your e-mails, forums, Twitter and or Facebook. Checking your blog replies and posting new blog posts, is of course another thing to keep an eye on. As is the time you take to read other people’s blogs and posting replies to their topics. It can also be time consuming promoting your blog and perhaps it is possible to spend as much time promoting it, as you do actually writing it!

It pays not too get too involved on the Internet, too intense, or too personal and give away too much about yourself. Time and time again, I have heard bad stories about Facebook, bullying, accusations, some of which serious and un-founded. The last thing I want is for blogging to turn into a problem in itself in that way. Perhaps the more time you spend online, you increase the chance of saying something that somebody would take the wrong way, or yourself taking something badly.

As far as developing the blog and blogging frequency, perhaps we should all see how it goes. Life is busy or stressful enough. No doubt any blog will take on a life of its own and develop over time. No doubt there is a learning curve when it comes to blogging and how things progress must also feel right for you. Rest assured that changes in my blogging frequency will be for a reason e.g. I’m ill, I’m busy, changes in inspiration, or spending too much time online.


  1. I start to blog just to store all my information I need so they are readily be reviewed by me until I start to blog my real blog It's nice to promotes what is really happening in our town, some really amaze in me cause they know that this is the last thing that i'l do in my life, it is nice to know that someone out there, they are reading what is in your thoughts! thanks friend for dropping by at my blog too!

  2. In many respects any poems, or lists of music etc I post are going to be to hand, for my future reference. It is nice to know that people find what we write interesting isn't it.

  3. I'm so with you on this one! I have one rule about my blogging - no rules!! I can write what I like, when I like - no pressure! Nice to see someone as relaxed about it as you are.

    Lovely to meet/follow you blog, pop over to bigwords if you get a chance x

  4. I have a few ideas in mind for my blog, but not a time-scale for now. As I say, I posted a few ideas anyway, but that's not in a specific order. It's just to whet people's appetites. Rather than worrying about what to type, I was more paranoid about getting no followers ha-ha. Anyhow I needn't have worried, more people are reading and following, which is great!

    Of course I'll take a look at your blog "bigwords".


  5. I love this post and it is so well written. Thank you for visiting my little blog and to answer your question, if you do win, no worries (I'll ship it to "you", free ;-) I'm a follower and look forward to many more of your lovely posts.

  6. Hi again "Simplegirl" I'm glad you like this "Blogging without obligation" issue. I stumbled upon it, looking at other people's blogs and noticed another blog with one of the logos.

    Thanks for the answer by the way about the comp.

  7. Something I have found: I can spend or waste quite a bit of time with trial and error. Moving things around, then moving it back to how it was before. Or finding new blinkies or banners that I like. It seems to take me quite a while adding and deciding where they should go. Just an observation as I think people like to brighten their blogs up and try and make it unique.

  8. Not only blogging but everything in life. Even love and friendship should be a pleasure, not a duty or obligation.

  9. I know where you are coming from. Life should be for living and to be enjoyed and to enojoy those you spend your time with. Having said that of course, there is an obligation of honesty, respect etc... you know with how you treat people. A natural progression in love and friendships and not trying too hard so to speak. For things to feel right when you are in their company, rather than feeling like you have to put on a front, or impress everybody all the time.

  10. I enjoyed reading this post for its lucidity and honesty : ) I agree 100% about following one's heart, and not the general trends, in matters such as this.....
    Thanks for visiting my space....and a very happy blogging to you from your fellow blogger : ) !!

  11. I love this post!! I accept blogging should be done on a passion. It's basically to share your ideas and views on the web. So, don't consider it as a duty!

  12. Perhaps it's this passion, that gets people keen at blogging to start off with. Then either the novelty wears off, or people get busy with everyday life... Then I bet it is due to a certain amount of passion, or initial passion, which is why people feel obliged to blog at a certain frequency and then feel bad if they don't blog for a while.

    Certainly if something is a hobby, rather than a job, it should be a passion, rather than a chore or a duty. So I guess passion is one thing, as long as it's not taking over, or putting yourself under pressure in some way.

    And to "SprigBlossoms" many thanks for your comment as well. I am glad you liked this topic and discussion.

  13. If you blog for passion or pastime, be prepared to overdo it at first, and become frustrated by not having enough material to fill frequent postings you feel obliged to write. Don't put too much in each posting this will allow you to post more frequently. One final suggestion: get rid of the background "leaves" behind any words. It makes them too hard to read and may drive away readers. This is a good, interesting post. Remember, it's got to be fun!

  14. Hi "Count Sneaky" You have just said things that I was thinking about. At one point, I was wondering what to blog about, then I was concerned about getting too keen and blogging too often and then running out of stuff to say.

    For that reason, at the weekend, I just focussed on getting new widget, header and blinkies, rather than writing something new.

    I have been making a few notes as I go, with regards to music etc. This way even if it is a blog post in a year's time, at least by then I'll have a good idea what to say.

    Your tip about the background leaves: Do you mean on the right, where there is the welcome and about me etc sections? If so, do you know how to change the background in these areas?

  15. "Count Sneaky" If I look at the main topics section here, it has an ordinary white section, where you type. Is that what you mean, to have plain white background for any descriptions on the right? If I look at at blinkies or widgets or pictures I have found, they all have some sort of background, that stops the leaves baground shining through. I know what you mean, it defeats the object if people cannot read something very well.

    Thanks for your tips, it's much appreciated. At some point, can you please let me know how to change that please.

  16. My personal preference is for simplicity, so rather than trying to change a blog template which can be rather difficult. I would drop this one completely and go to one with a white or very light colored background color. After all content is the most important part of a blog. As you gain experience, you can then use stock photos, your own or stock art, or experiment with the blog's appearance. What to blog about? Blog about the thing that interests you the most in this impenetrable mystery we call Life. My best.

  17. I have changed the background now. Actually I don't know about anybody else, but I found it hard to select one. Many are even more intrusive and shine through the text, than my old leaves one was. now I think about it, just about anything that has a picture, seems to shine through onto your text on the right. You see that on a lot of other people's blogs don't you.

    Yet other backghrounds seem so plain. Then comes changing the colours. I think I am happy with it now. I guess there is a lot of trial and error with these things isn't there.

    I imagine changing the template is hard to do.

  18. Yes! This is so much easier on the much easier to read. Now you are free to concentrate on approach, copy, and illustration and don't have to worry about the template. Later you can experiment a little, if you like. But, concentrate now on what you want to say. You have a vehicle to say it with.

  19. Many thanks for your help and suggestions. I have a few blog post ideas in the pipeline.

  20. Probably the most frightening thing about blogging is worrying whether anybody ever reads your blog. I know that stops me from even thinking about doing one, where I could inadvertently give too much away to any more dubious readers.

  21. Hi Michael. I know where you are coming from, as I think it would defeat the object if nobody follows you, or reads your blog posts. I decided that I would go for it, and see how it goes. Most of my viewings are via either Twitter, or Bloggers. The latter being a directory type of site, where you can vote for blogs and add friends. I have had one search via Google so far.

    I am not sure how many views a day/week is typical or desirable. If I don't do a new blog post, I might get about 12 blog views or even none. But it's nice to see that anything up to 39 blog views if I have posted something new. I have had 373 page views last month. I have no idea if that's good for a new blog or not, but it may give you and idea if it's worth it or not for you. Of course, I have no way of knowing if half of these page views are for 2 seconds, or if the actual person reads my stuff.

    What surprises me though: Sometimes you think that a lot of people will read a certain topic and they don't. Yet people surprise you and keep reading a topic that you didn't expect many people to be bothered about. I guess over time it's about getting used to the sort of thing people would want to read, or having variety.

    As for giving away too much about yourself, I couldn't agree more! This is why I am careful about the topics I write about, rather than choosing anything controversial, or to do with any problems in my life.

    I don't believe in giving too much about yourself away online generally anyway, because you don't always know who is reading it. I am all for explaining tastes in music or books or comedy and having discussions like that. Or my blog, is to do with things in general that interest or inspire me, but I am still aiming not to divulge my life story ha-ha. In that way, readers may get an idea about me as a person, things I like, but not what I do, where I go etc.

  22. Michael, if you do decide to do a blog, be sure to let me know, so I can take a look and support you. This way at least you'll get one person who has seen it.