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THE BEST ROMANTIC SONGS - both obvious and alternative

It will soon be Valentines Day, a day to celebrate new or long-lasting relationships. With this occasion in mind, I have been thinking about romantic music; music that I like and don't like.

I have never purchased a CD of romantic songs, because they may contain songs that I don't like, songs to skip through because you think they are a cliché. This is where i-tunes has come into its own for me. A chance to create my own double CD, every song my taste. Some songs are either on CDs that I already had, others I had downloaded in the past. Nonetheless it has been a chance to improve my music knowledge and download a few new songs. Also I have done what I always said I wouldn't: buy something twice! There are a few that I have on cassette tape, that I liked so much, they deserved a download.

Having given listened to many songs and given this the time it deserved; I decided that there are more romantic songs that are to my taste than I initially thought. Time and time again, the same songs appear on people's lists. Granted I am listing many of those, but hopefully I am including some others that may not initially spring to mind.

This isn't in order of favourites because I couldn't even begin to rank or rebuke these singers. Nonetheless I have a varied music taste, some are from the past and some are more recent.

Here is my comprehensive list of the best romantic songs.

1.   L.O.V.E. - Nat King Cole
2.  L.O.V.E.  - Joss Stone
3.  Come away with me - Norah Jones
4.  When I close my eyes - Shanice
5.  I love your smile - Shanice
6.  Sign your name - Terence Trent D'Arby
7.  Be without you - Mary J Blige
8.  As (ft Mary J Blige) - George Michael
9.  You are the sunshine of my life - Stevie Wonder
10. I just called to say I love you - Stevie Wonder
11. All I want is you - Miguel & J. Cole
12. Marry you - Bruno Mars
13. Just the way you are - Bruno Mars
14. Grenade - Bruno Mars
15. I want you - Cee Lo Green
16. It's OK - Cee Lo Green
17. Fool for you - Cee Lo Green Ft Philip Bailey
18. Old Fashioned - Cee Lo Green
19. Without you - Mariah Carey
20. I got you babe - Sonny and Cher
21. Circle of life - Elton John
22. Truly madly deeply - Savage Garden
23. The way you make me feel - Ronan Keeting
24. Love letters - Ketty Lester
25. Love will keep us together - Neil Sedaka
26. My heart - Lizz Wright
27. The One I love - R.E.M
28. You're still the one - Shania Twain
29. I won't leave you lonely - Shania Twain
30. Let my love walk in Wanda Jackson
31. Big bad handsome man - Imelda May
32. Love Tatto - Imelda May
33. Johnny got a boom boom - Imelda May
34. Stupid Cupid - Connie Francis
35. Don't let me be misunderstoon - Nina Simone
36. I put a spell on you - Nina Simone
37. Now or never - Wiley and Jodie Connor
38. Kickstarts - Example

Understanding that my husband and I don't always share the same taste in music. We often banter about that, me saying that he has a narrow taste in music, and him wondering what on earth I'm listening to!

As a gift for Valentines day, I created a playlist, of songs that I hope he'll like.

I think you have to put more effort in finding indie/alternative type love songs. I found that a lot are anti-love or to do with break-ups. I know that can be said for any music genre, but it seemed even more so, when trying to make an alternative love songs playlist.

I hope I have selected well and that anybody who doesn't like my immediate choice above, will like this selection:

Alternative Love Songs

1.  Toothpaste Kisses - The Maccabees
2.  Echo - Incubus
3.  Love should - Moby
4.  She's so lovely - Scouting for girls
5.  Love you but your'e green - Babyshambles
6.  Baby I'm yours - Arctic Monkeys and the Newell Octet
7.  505 - Arctic Monkeys
8.  Somebody told me - The Killers
9.  Auf Achse - Franz Ferdinand
10. Love's not a competition (But I'm winning) - Kaiser Chiefs
11. As the cold rain falls - Tiger Army
12. Are you gonna be my girl - Jet
13. Baby, I love you - Ramones
14. Hand in glove - The Smiths.

15. Inevitable by Anberlin
With thanks to: because this is my favourite from this blogger's list.

I am interested to know what you think of either, or both of the above lists. Which songs do you like? Which would you add? Which romantic songs are your favourites?

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  1. thats very good article, thanks for sharing

    hi from mas raden

  2. Hi "topmusic" I'm glad you liked it. Have you got a new music blog that you are just starting? Is this you?

  3. I haven't purchased any cd lately. Its annoying when you have to buy it just for 1 or 2 song that you like in that cd. I just downloading songs and make my own cd now. That way, I can make my "all favourite songs" cd, :)

  4. I buy full albums of certain people. It all depends on how much of a fan I am, or if there are only 1 or 2 songs I like.

    The only snag with what we are saying about downloading stuff you like, to make your CD of favourite songs: is that you can get carried away and before you know it, it's quite expensive ha-ha.

    That list of Alternatives ended up costing me around £12. It depends on what you compare it to, it wasn't that long ago, when a newly released CD was a similar price.

    Err perhaps music is an investment. You know you'll listen to it again.

    Zezebel, have you done a blog post, to do with your favourit songs playlists that you have done?

  5. Many thanks for your reply. I'm glad you liked this post. Happy Christmas to you!