Thursday, 3 February 2011


Is it lust or is it love?

Is it lust or is it love?
The instant connection,
As our bodies embrace
The relaxing yet tingling passion.

I know there has been a lot of flirtation.
We have not known each-other long,
Just fun times together, never an obsession.
Who knows, our love may grow strong.

I know we have to keep things simple,
Yet sometimes, our time has been blissful.
We will see how it goes;
I know it is too soon to be in love.
At least there are no rows.

Let’s not make the stakes too high,
Until the weekend, this is goodbye.
People said you are a charmer.
You may be a little bit romantic,
Who knows if you’ll become,
My knight in shining armour.
Looking forwards, all futuristic.

Copyright ©
It's all about ambivalence


  1. Good one buddy.. :)

    We will see how it goes;
    I know it is too soon to be in love.
    At least there are no rows.... <3

  2. I'm glad you like this poem. Cheers. It's all about inspiration. I may do others in due course.


  3. great poem, reminds me of when my fiancé and first met. thanks for stopping by and visiting me by the way!

    ~ ~

  4. Thanks "billie monster" I am glad you can relate to this. I find it interesting how we both must have had similar experiences/emotions at the start of our relationships. I hope you have a happy marriage together.

  5. Just like me and my fiance, we've known each other just for a few months and then we decided to get engaged and soon to be married, hehe

  6. Congratulations I am glad you are both very happy together Zezebel!

  7. What is love? I like the poem. I like the first line "Is it lust or is it love?" with that, I ask one more time, what is love? I am looking for love or should I say, I want to experience what I hear called "True love" Well... maybe one day, but for now I will continue to ask "what is love"

  8. I do not believe I have defined what love is in this poem, but the early days of a relationship that is going well. I think I have explained the excitement and fun of early weeks of a relationship and gone more into love on my other two poems. I think people are in love with the idea of being in love early on, or possibly do fall in love a bit after a couple of months.

    I believe love is a gradual progression that takes 6-9 months. A certain calm and peace of mind. Then a more down-to-earth way because you have to focus on everyday life as well. You'll meet somebody, you'll find love in the end.

    A poem called "What is love?" that would be an interesting one wouldn't it.