Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Leo Blanchette.

Freedom is a concept close to everybody’s heart; therefore it is no wonder, that so many people have written songs about it.

Here is a compiled list of my personal favourites. They are listed because I believe they give a strong message and get a positive statement across. Do take your time and look these up and have a listen. What do you think? Are your favourite songs about freedom listed? Or can you think of any more that you like?

  1. Stevie Wonder – Free
  2. The Cinematic Orchestra – Talking about Freedom
  3. Fontella Bass – Talking About Freedom
  4. Arethra Franklin – Think Freedom
  5. Bob Marley – Get up, stand up
  6. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
  7. Boy George – Pentonville Blues
  8. George Michael – Freedom
  9. Jimi Hendrix – Freedom
  10. The Soup Dragons – I’m Free
  11. Paul McCartney – Freedom
  12. David Bowie – Changes
  13. Bob Dylan – Blowing in the wind
  14. Run Kid Run -  Freedom
  15. K’naan – Give me freedom, give me fire
  16. Queen – I want to break free
  17. Elton John – Philadelphia Freedom
  18. Erasure – Freedom
  19. Jurassic 5 – Freedom
  20. Akon – Freedom
  21. Lighthouse Family - I wish I know how it would feel to be free

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  1. This topic started off as 20 songs... Until I was reminded about the Lighthouse Family song. I had to add that song to the list, because it is so thought provoking.