Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Axis of Awesome - How to Write a Love Song

I saw "The Axis of Awesome" for the first time recently on Jason Manford's TV show. They performed "How to write a love song" and I really couldn't stop laughing and relating to so much of what they were singing. I certainly think they are very funny and this song is such a true parody of a lot of music out there.

I hope you don't think I have included these sorts of "cliche love songs" in my blog ha-ha. I do believe this is the reason why people say they don't like love songs, because they think they are all the same and are all "Totally generic love songs".

I have to say, this is quite topical for me, as we have recently had Valentine's day. Plus as you know, I have posted quite a bit about romantic music, love quotes and have posted three of my own romantic poems.

If there is a UK tour at some point, I'll certainly get tickets. In the meantime I am certainly looking up other comedy songs of theirs.

Overall they clearly have musical and comedy song writing talent. I am sure The Axis of Awesome can only write the songs they do through having a lot of music knowledge.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I have.

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