Sunday, 16 January 2011

To blog or not to blog.

There seems to be an infinite number of blogs out there; people blogging for a variety of reasons, topics and issues. Some people are viewed as brave, when they blog their journey through serious illness, or when they lost a child. Others share their excitement on the run up to getting married, or when travelling the world. Some people seem to blog about everyday family life, share photos and explain their tastes in things. It seems that there are as many motivating factors as there are blogs.

It is a shame, when some time later, you want to look at a blog and it’s no longer there. Perhaps the author got into hot water and somebody took exception to the content, and they had to take it down. Other people loose heart, or circumstances change and they stop blogging, but the blog is still there. I prefer the latter option, because generally there is a newer blog that they use instead, or have transferred to a proper website.
I often notice people apologizing for not blogging for a while. They feel guilty about being busy in work, or being ill. Perhaps others simply didn’t think they had anything to say, but to admit that, they think it would make them sound boring.

After all, don’t we all get busy, caught up in everyday life? You think everyday routines don’t necessarily warrant a blog post and think that people wouldn’t be interested in what you have to say.

I will stay away from controversial issues, and refrain from describing scandal in my own life. My blogging issues will be personal, but on a general level that I hope you will relate to. Having said that, I am sure everybody only writes about things they want others to know. Even celebrities, who write an autobiography, must hold something back; keep certain memories to themselves, for privacy.

Last time I blogged after sitting in a café, waiting for my car to be fixed. Next to somebody travelling the world, that is a dull everyday task, but I found inspiration that day and a reason to blog about how observant you are.

I find one thing can lead to another: an idea to read another book, all because it was mentioned in your current book. Certainly the more music you listen to, the more you want to listen to. There are always authors who have written other books, actors who have stared in other movies.

I see such issues important to self development, in terms of actually getting around to reading new books, or hearing new music. This means actually taking the time to fully appreciate somebody’s work and not just reading one book of theirs. Perhaps this is when you see the influence or inspiration they have for you.

Indeed learning more about where I live, looking at everyday landmarks in a different way is something I want to do. I know certain places nearby have been immortalised in art or film. I think these aspects are worthy of a blog post and more importantly getting around to investigating. Perhaps some interesting observations can be made in the middle of town, places you pass every day; the everyday things that can also inspire you at a time when you don’t know what to blog about. I am sure this is when true creativity and ideas occur, when somebody takes a step back from their everyday task and looks at their surroundings in a different way.

Taking all this into account, there must always be something to blog about then!

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