Monday, 4 April 2011

Google celebratory images/doodle

I am sure we all take it for granted, that Google regularly post a doodle image instead of the usual logo. They are displayed to celebrate an anniversary of somebody famous, a scientist or an artist.

I have to say, I like these images. It's always a surprise when I see one, rather than the usual Google logo.

Yesterday's design really grabbed my attention. It was to celebrate the ice cream sundae!

The ice cream sundae was apparently created in 1892. Still I am not sure why a 119th anniversary was the chosen anniversary to mark, because it is hardly a round number.

It is the image that I love, this has to be one of my favourite doodles (apart from the pac-man doodle). You can almost imagine that you are sitting in a retro ice cream parlour! Is it just me, or does the doodle make you hungry for ice cream as well?

I love the retro quirkiness of this image. It is pictures like this, that wouldn't look out of place on one of those metal signs that you can buy in gift shops. (I don't mean an image to promote Google, but an image of an ice cream sundae, with a similar background). If a similar image was available to buy, I would like one, to display in the kitchen.

Perhaps not all doodles have to be technologically orientated. Why not honour the ice cream sundae! Perhaps it is important for the little things in life to be celebrated, so we don't take them for granted without ever wondering how long they have existed, or when or why they were invented. Why not celebrate a little decadence, something out of the ordinary. The invention of the dessert may not be life changing, with regards to technological progression, but we all have eaten it. We all like to indulge in a little treat now and then. Be it after a shopping trip, or a meal out with family. The ice cream sundae is of course part of everyday language, we all know what the dessert is when you see it printed on a menu.

I can think of so many occasions when I have enjoyed an ice cream sundae. You can kid yourself that if you only eat ice cream you are not eating anything too calorie-counting. To have something nice and refreshing on a hot day is always a bonus, especially if you have the chance to enjoy a sundae and not just an ice cream from an ice cream van. To have a surprise when you taste the difference ice cream flavours, or crunch your wafer, those little nuts, or indulge in the sauce that goes with it. What isn't to like about the ice cream sundae?

One way or another, I bet the doodle has reminded people about how much they like ice cream. No doubt it has made us all look forward to a nice summer day, when after all outside, it is rather grey and overcast.

I have often been surprised how difficult it is to find ice cream sundae dishes to buy for your house. I don't mean that they are rare as in a collectors item. But when we got married in 2002, they were not on our wedding list, because the department store didn't sell them. It was a few years ago, that I managed to buy some. I hope department stores are stocking up with ice cream sundae glasses, because Google may be responsible for a shortage. I bet you'll spot a few people eating a sundae over the forthcoming weeks and months.

It's interesting how an image can take you down memory lane. To times when you enjoyed eating something, to imagine looking ahead to the first ice cream sundae of the year. In the UK we have started to have some nice weather recently.

I wish we could take a claim to fame about the ice cream sundae in the UK, but sadly we cannot.

History of the sundae
I wonder what other Google logo variations we will see this year.

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